When laying the FilterPave® system, prepared recycled glass is placed on site with an environmentally friendly multi-component adhesive.

Stormwater easily enters the subsoil, thanks to the open-pored glass gravel structure.

Stormwater is `filtered‘ as it moves through the recycled material. Like a filter, the FilterPave® system absorbs hydrocarbons, residues from engine or gear oil and fuels. Tests have revealed that up to 15 kg of oily substance can be bound per cubic metre of FilterPave® (research by the University of Wisconsin).

In less permeable areas or low-lying environments where large amounts of water can quickly accumulate, the water drainage feature of the FilterPave® system can be supported by a substructure or by an additional storage/drainage system made from open graded base course.

The service life of the FilterPave® system is comparable to that of other open-pore systems. The material properties of the FilterPave® system do not change during its service life.

The FilterPave® system is finished with a thin abrasion protection layer, which depending on the U.V. irradiation and wear needs only to be replaced every five to ten years.