Reusability for residential areas due to FilterPave®'s excellent structural stability!

Unlike most existing hard-surfaced porous pavements, the FilterPave® system has a negligible contribution to the creation of hydrocarbons in the manufacture of its components, transportation of materials and in its placement.

The high degree of hardness of the recycled FilterPave® forms a highly durable and stable ground cover, which, thanks to its great porosity and the flexible multi-component adhesive also possesses a high degree of elasticity.

Depending on the traffic load and the existing subsoil, the FilterPave® system is installed in a thickness of approximately 6 to 9 cm on a porous 15-20 cm thick layer of crushed stone. If a load-bearing capacity of less than 15 MN/m² can be achieved on the subsoil, additional measures to improve load-bearing capacity will be necessary. Private access roads, drive-ways or paths for pedestrians do not need any additional base course.

The structurally-sound system is twice as porous as other hard-surfaced porous pavements, resulting in a greater reduction of stormwater runoff.