Because the innovative FilterPave® system can be "installed" smoothly and seamlessly it offers a maximum of creative freedom.

The FilterPave® System consists of structurally stable aggregate with a multi-coloured mosaic look. Compared to conventional asphalt or concrete surfaces, this decorative pavement made from recycled glass opens up attractive design options.

The multi-coloured recycled glass gravel may vary by region, resulting in different colour effects. In addition, when other additives (pigments) are included, the appearance is changed by the different hues so that it can be ideally adapted to the building or the surrounding area, as well as to meet special design requirements.

FilterPave® is also superior to many other flooring materials in terms of design possibilities thanks to the seamless way it can be placed. FilterPave® lets your creativity run wild.

With architectural aesthetics, the FilterPave® surface is an attractive and colourful mosaic of recycled variant-colored glass bonded with a high-strength natural binder. Due to the recycled glass the colour varies by region and optional colour enhancements are available.