Due to its open-pore structure, FilterPave® is able to filter precipitation water on its way into the soil. Pollutants such as motor oil, fuel residues or hydrocarbons are absorbed in the recycled glass layer and thus cannot contaminate the groundwater any longer.

Drainage: FilterPave® provides natural rainwater drainage on stable paved areas. It is an innovative way of negating the effects of other types of surface sealing.

Reduce Stormwater Runoff: Twice as porous as other hard-surfaced porous pavements (38%) results in a greater reduction of stormwater runoff and better resistance to clogging and maintenance requirements.

Conserve Resources: Comprised of -96% recycled materials makes constructive use of abundant materials that are typically landfilled. About 90 beverage bottles are used in just one square foot of FilterPave® pavement.

Cool: Effective at reducing Heat Island Effect (Solar Reflective Index: 29)

Low Impact Development Strategy

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